Step by Step

Please read carefully if you are serious about making fast cash.

It's important to stick with the rules if you are going to have any chance at winning.  Here is your simple and easy guide to getting some extra cash.

1.  Download and register on at least two of the casino sites listed.  The reasons why will become apparent very soon.  You'll be playing for 'fun money' and practising on two of these to start with, before you commit a single penny of your cash.

2.  Play European Roulette on each casino on 'Fun Play', with each of my systems, until you find a system that suits you.  Read each system from top to bottom first.  It'll take you no more than 5 minutes, but it's well worth the time.

3.  When you're ready, pick 2 casinos.  Then deposit £30 in each. In the casino 'menu - options' screen, turn off all animation and select the playing time as 'fastest'.  Do not play in full screen mode.  Please note, if you choose betting limits at £0...£10, you will still be able to place bets over £10 and as low as 50p on most casinos.

4.  VERY IMPORTANT!  Use the system you like best on just one of the casinos.  Make your money, then exit the casino in the time/money scale shown in the system.  Go and have a well deserved beer!  Do not log into that casino again for 24 hours.  The next day, do exactly the same on the other casino.  Don't get greedy!  There are a lot of people that would give an arm and a leg to earn £300 in a day (tax free, from home!)  Make sure you read all of System 1 before proceding to the others.

5.  Keep doing this until you have built up a good balance.  Don't change systems half way through a game.  Stick with the system and stick with the time-scale.

6.  Now go for it!  Your balance is getting huge so, 5 casinos one day, the other 5 the next day.  Money money money!  (I've just bought an Audi A5 from these systems at £31,500 cash!  Approx. 3 months of playing.)

7.  You've got the hang of it.  You're not being greedy, you're not changing systems halfway, you're making heaps of cash, you're considering packing in your job!

I have brought to you this information free-of-charge.  I wish you all the best with my systems.